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Opale  : Destination for colourful expériences 

Bike tours we prepared enable to discover  multifaceted nature of our territory

Opale, like the mulicolor stone, You will enjoy a wide range of discoveries, in Freedom

Our great places selection will enable you to live a unique experience


So much to discover 

A warm welcome and a rich and diverse heritage to escape.  A few hours away, enjoy a great breath of fresh air 

An exotic travel through time, cultures or nature  a few hours from your home

Famous battles and peacefull landscapes between fine sand beaches and green countryside

Rich of terroir, riche of history to explore

Terre d'accueil
Set de table - Fantaisie Nuit de l'événe

Welcome land 


Friendly welcome from poeple of Haut de France , their smile and their way to live make you live unforgatable moments

Happy to receive you and share their traditions, you live moments with friendly local

Terre de culture

Land of culture 

The Region is opened on the world, border between England and Belgium. 

Break free, few hours from your home, meeting inhabitants whom's job, daily life, make you travel to another world. In Mareis, for instance, sailors, passionate about their work, despite conditions somtimes difficult, glade to share their knowledge 

Terre de nature

Land of Nature

Hauts de France Region, with its rich and diverse landscapes and its small country roads is one of the favorite territory for cyclists.

Between sea and green coutryside, you will be able to discover beauties of the region

Relax, by the sea or in the countryside, in the heart of colored fields  

Let you go by colors of those fields, between purple of flax flowers, yellow of rapeseed, red of poppies, blue of the sky and green of grasslands . Its panoramas and its lights inspired impressionnist paintors like Manet or writors like Victor Hugo.

Visit the biggest European Aquarium, Nausicaa.

Go for a ride in natural reserves or in one of France great sites like les 2 Caps 

Terre d'histoire & de mémoire

History and memorial lands 

Historical villas

In the begining of the 20th, thanks to industrial growth of the region and the sea bathing  fashion, some beautifull villas are built. From the Touquet to Wimereux  going through Hardelot, pedal to discover those architectural gems

In memory of battles

From the Romans to the 20th century, go troughout a land marked by heroes from all contries

Pedal at your own pace and let your bike a side, time to visit one of numerous military cemetaries in memory of these men, somtimes came from far away to fight in Les Hauts de France 

La bière pression


Hauts de France region is a lush landscapes, perfect for ride to discover local products. Take time for a break in a cheese dairy or a brewery. 

Hauts de France region offers a wide of great experiences

Good local products, good beers, famous potchevlech… so many things to share ...

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