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General terms of sales and special conditions of sales


For further information, you can contact us by mail ( or by phone (06 19 01 07 27)


By booking or participating in a tour and any related products or services (a “Tour”) with the Tour Operator (Opale à vélo) , you (“you”) agree to these Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”).

This present terms and conditions govern sales of Tours offer on the website. Opale à vélo reserves the right to change present terms and condition content, which are up to date while putting online and consulting by user. Provisions referred below, including prices, supersede, any previous information.

Whatever the booking method of your package or touristic service, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms and agree to respect them.

In accordance with articles L.121-16 et L121-21-8 of the consumer act, present terms and conditions are contract which is not subject to withdrawal right

I.Presentation of Opale à vélo company

Opale à vélo company offers days by bike, in freedom, including bike rental, accessories supply (padlock and its key, helmet… etc) and itineraries.

Renter term defines the company owning the vehicle, Opale à Vélo

Vehicle term defines any bike model

The renter rent to the client or his co-obligant

Accessories identify all items rented to the client with the bike (tire pump, panniers, anti-theft and its key, Light, Safety jacket, Helmet, Road map, Inner tube, Repair kit, Battery)

II.Booking procedure

A.Limited capacity

We have limited number of vehicles. Consequently, we suggest to our client to book early


At enrolment, you must have read terms and conditions applying to Tours in addition to sales general information

Our clients order by phone or by email via our website or by the email indicated on the web site


To confirm the booking, a 30% deposit need to by paid while ordering

The remainder has to be paid 30 days before departure


Your booking is confirmed and a contract exists when the Tour Operator issues a written confirmation after receipt of the applicable deposit amount. Please check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to the Tour Operator


C.In case of cancellation


Cancellation fees are as follows :

- more than 30 days before departure: Fres.
- between 30 and 15 days before departure = 50 % of the total price.

- less than 15 days before departure = 100 % of the total price.


III.Insurances and liabilities


You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking. You agree to provide full, complete and accurate information to the Tour Operator


Client declare that he know how to ride a bike. Le client declare to be in physical and mental capacity to ride a bike

Client will respect rules of the road. Opale à vélo can not be responsible in case of accident or any other case of a fall, our client declaring being insured.


Client commit to use the vehicle with caution, to provide for its maintenance, to pay any cost, fines or spending any traffic, parking or any violations


Client commit to maintain the vehicle protected by an anti-theft and (or) any other method provided to avoid theft of this vehicle, keeping with him, keys, accessories provided. The client also commit to use, any time he stop, the anti-theft device.


It is not allowed to make important repairs, nether to lend the vehicle to a third person without renter agreement. Client commit to declare any occurrences or any theft to the renter and to police authorities, within 24h delay. In case of theft or damage of the vehicle, client liability will be incurred and client remains liable for a minimal deductible which amount is duly indicated in the contract       


In case of damage, client will have to pay all damage caused to the bike or to its accessories during the rental period

In case of theft, the client will have to pay the full deposit

IV.Prices and conditions



Applicable prices are those existing while enroling


B.Payment methods

By cheque, by bank transfer or by cash


C.Bike rental conditions

A valide identity card and a deposit are required before your departure. The deposit is 1000 €uros for power assist bike and 200 €uros for a classic bike. Identity card and deposit wil be given back at the end of your trip.

If bike and all its accessories (padlock, keys…etc) road map and booklets are hand deliver hand to Opale à vélo, within the same conditions as they were lent and to the place of return indicated in the contract, deposit will not be cashed. There is no case when this deposit would open to a time extension of the bike rent, without agreement of the renter. 


A rental day is from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Any day started is due in full    

V.Images and information


Images on the web site are not contractual

Dates and availabilities will be confirmed at ordering


VI.Data protection act– CNIL


Respect for privacy is essential.

While enroling to our newsletter, you allow us to use your personal data , so as to keep you informed about news on our territory, about Opale à vélo company or any other information which would seem to be interesting for you



Conditions up to date 01/14/2020

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